Members Point System

Name Major Classification Points
Laura Malcotti-sanchez Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics Junior 5
Natalia Rodriguez Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Sophomore 4
Christian Ayala Chemical Engineering, Chemistry Junior 4
Jose Araguz Civil Engineering Sophomore 4
Maria Paula Diaz Petroleum Engineering Junior 4
Kene Ofili Biomedical Engineering Junior 4
Zak Kerls Supply Chain and Logistics Technology, Accounting Senior 4
Mario Ocando-daza Petroleum Engineering Senior 4
Gibrian Vargas Electrical Engineering Sophomore 4
Patricia Castellon Petroleum Engineering Senior 4
Carolina Elizondo Chemical Engineering Sophomore 4
Cynthia Lopez Retailing and Consumer Science Junior 4
Alexis Castillo Mechanical Engineering Freshman 4
Luis De Hoyos Civil Engineering Freshman 4
Christian Emanis Mechanical Engineering Freshman 4
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