Members Point System

Name Major Classification Points
Fernando Vasquez Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 32
Frank Zequeira Computer Science 31
Daisy Alvarez Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) 31
Zackary Dobert Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Junior 31
Matthew Espeleta 30
Flora Cabrera College of Technology Senior 30
Nina Contreras 30
Neil Patel Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 29
Angeles Sotelo Industrial Engineering (Cullen) Junior 27
Christopher Javier Arienza Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 27
Bolivar Morales Mechanical Engineering Technology Senior 26
Juan Sanchez 25
Stephanie Rendon Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Junior 25
Kiyomy Suazo College of Technology Senior 25
Carolina De La Fuente Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Freshman 24
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