Members Point System

Name Major Classification Points
Santiago Bukowitz Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 24
Rolando Vera Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 23
Jessica Avellaneda Biomedical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 23
Felipe Alba Marin Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 23
Immar Velasquez 23
Erick Vazquez Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) Senior 23
Denise Sanchez Chemical Engineering (Cullen) 22
Kevin Gonzalez College of Technology Junior 20
Isaias Ramirez 20
Isabella Espinoza 20
Diego Roman College of Technology Senior 19
Joel Uribe 19
Quyen Pham Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) Junior 18
Douglas Caringer Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 18
Cristian Bernal Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Junior 18
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