Members Point System

Name Major Classification Points
Mariela Ceja 11
Yusef Haikal 11
Erich Esqueda Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Freshman 11
Miguel Arias Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) 11
Iliana Chevez Computer Science Junior 11
Hannan Bughio Accounting Junior 11
Mario Gonzalez Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Junior 10
Nicholas Fernandes Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Junior 10
Damian Gonzalez Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Senior 10
Kettyeishka Marie Rivera Rodriguez Accounting Sophomore 10
Edward Armijo Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Junior 9
Joaquin Moreno Civil Engineering (Cullen) Freshman 9
Angel Reyes Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) Freshman 9
Michael Ojo Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Junior 9
Carlos Cabrera Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Freshman 9
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