Members Point System

Name Major Classification Points
Ashley Gamez Montalvo Civil Engineering (Cullen) Junior 9
Daniel Herrera Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Junior 9
Kendrick Cortez College of Technology Junior 9
Irlanda Vega Biomedical Engineering (Cullen) Freshman 9
Rafael Nino Construction management Junior 9
Javier Lopez 8
Emi Diaz Industrial Engineering (Cullen) Junior 8
Johnny Nino Ladino Data Science Graduate Student 8
Cindy Saenz Perdomo Biomedical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 8
Iryna LaGrone Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Senior 8
Diego Alonso Aguilar Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 8
Roberto Jackson Baeza Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 8
Ariel Tello College of Technology Junior 8
Dulce Zamora 8
Christian Hernandez Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 8
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