Marcos Ibarra


SHPE Events Attended:

April Events Attended Points
LeaderSHPE Panel Chairs Edition 3
SHPE Field Day 4
COT Game Night 2
Election Night 3
Fifth General Meeting with Wunderman Thompson 3
Professionals Continuing their Education (Graduate Panel) 2
Fourth General Meeting with Dow 3
Total April Points 20
March Events Attended Points
SHPEtina Pageant 2
Third General Meeting with Facebook 3
Total March Points 5
February Events Attended Points
Date Auction 2
Technical Interviews Workshop (CFC) 3
Total February Points 5
January Events Attended Points
Vision Board Party 2
First General Meeting Spring 3
Total January Points 5
September Events Attended Points
Surviving the Internship Panel (CFC) 3
Total September Points 3
Total Annual Points 38

MentorSHPE Events Attended

Archived Points