Natalia Rodriguez


SHPE Events Attended:

April Events Attended Points
LeaderSHPE Panel Chairs Edition 3
SHPE Field Day 4
Third General Meeting with Facebook 3
Southeast Texas Preparation Bootcamp for RLDC 3
LeaderSHPE Panel Eboard Edition 3
Election Night 3
Fifth General Meeting with Wunderman Thompson 3
SHPEtina Pageant 2
Fourth General Meeting with Dow 3
Total April Points 27
March Events Attended Points
Houston Food Bank Volunteering 6
Total March Points 6
February Events Attended Points
Date Auction 2
Mock Interviews with Company Reps 3
Homemade Valentines Day Cards for Seniors 4
Total February Points 9
January Events Attended Points
First General Meeting Spring 3
Total January Points 3
Total Annual Points 45

MentorSHPE Events Attended

Archived Points

SHPE Fall 2016

Event Name Points
1st General Meeting 2

Fall 2018

Event Name Points
Post Nationals Survey 4
Third General Meeting 1
Study Red Tuesday 5 4
First General Meeting 1

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Event Name Points
First General Meeting (1/31/19) 3
First General Meeting (8/30/18) 4