Members Point System

Name Major Classification Points
Giovanni Gallardo - - 3
Hanna Mata - - 3
Nestor Gonzalez Ramirez College of Technology Sophomore 3
Muniba Mir 3
Tien RCom Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Junior 3
Robert Rau Mechanical Engineering Junior 3
America Duarte Mechanical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 3
Vianey Salazar Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Junior 3
Eduardo Flores Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Freshman 2
Uber Lopez 2
Christian Ayala 2
Faith Edmonds Biomedical Engineering (Cullen) Freshman 2
Elijah Trimm Chemical Engineering Sophomore 2
Alejandro Martinez Mechanical Engineering Senior 2
Michael Ojo Electrical Engineering Senior 2
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