Members Point System

Name Major Classification Points
Jasiel Cruz Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cullen) Junior 6
Matthew Lucas Electrical Engineering Junior 6
Hanna Yilmaz-rodriguez Chemical Engineering Freshman 6
Hillary Nguyen Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Junior 6
Valeria Espinosa Biomedical Engineering - 6
Jazlyn Morales Biomedical Engineering - 6
Edward Marsh Civil Engineering - 6
Hugo Gonzalez Jr. Mechanical Engineering Junior 6
Cruz Lopez College of Technology Junior 6
Daisy Gonzalez - - 6
Oscar Mireles Chemical Engineering (Cullen) Junior 6
Samantha Tovias Leija Biomedical Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 6
Linda Fulcher Civil Engineering (Cullen) Sophomore 6
Manuel Diaz 6
Yahir Flores Biomedical Engineering - 6
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