Juanita Correa

Major: Computer Science
Classification: Senior

SHPE Events Attended:

April Events Attended Points
MentorSHPE Volleyball Social 4
PROMES Game Night 2
Total April Points 6
March Events Attended Points
Women In Tech Panel 3
Courtside Crawfish 4
2nd GM with Google 8
Total March Points 15
February Events Attended Points
SRT #1 02/08 2
Volleyball New Member Social 4
1st GM Spring 2022 5
Total February Points 11
January Events Attended Points
Piñata Night 2
5th GM Fall 2021 3
SHPE Jr Friendsgiving Q&A Panel 6
Posada Night 2
SHPEtina LeaderSHPE series: Networking Etiquette 3
Ace your game at National Convention 3
Wells Fargo Info Session 3
OPT Workshop Fall 2021 3
Personal Branding Workshop with Accenture 3
Total January Points 28
October Events Attended Points
Volleyball Night 4
Third General Meeting with Bechtel 3
SHPEtina Leadership Series (Self-Defense) 5
Elevator Pitch Workshop 3
Total October Points 15
September Events Attended Points
Second General Meeting with Dow 3
Williams Info Session 3
First General Meeting with P&G 3
Total September Points 9
Total Annual Points 84

MentorSHPE Events Attended

Archived Points


Event Name Points
Internship Talk: Unfiltered 3