Linda Fulcher

Major: Civil Engineering (Cullen)
Classification: Sophomore

SHPE Events Attended:

Total Annual Points 0

MentorSHPE Events Attended

Archived Points


Event Name Points
LeaderSHPE Panel Chairs Edition 3
SHPE Field Day 2 (Online) 2
Election Night 3
Fifth General Meeting with Wunderman Thompson 3
Study Groups Workshop 2
Professionals Continuing their Education (Graduate Panel) 2
Fourth General Meeting with Dow 3
SHPEtina Pageant 2
LeaderSHPE Panel Eboard Edition 3
Southeast Texas Preparation Bootcamp for RLDC 3
Third General Meeting with Facebook 3
MentorSHPE Reveal Party 2
MentorSHPE Mingle 2
Elevator Pitch Workshop - CFC 3
Vision Board Party 2
First General Meeting Spring 3
SRT #1 2